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NCAS Hours and Procedures

NCAS will no longer be open 24/7. We will be open from 8:00 am to approximately 8:00 pm, depending upon scheduling demand. If you need access to an aircraft before or after hours, please contact us to coordinate. Also, for customer convenience, we have partnered with Signature Flight Support at New Century Airport for after hours servicing of fuel and aircraft. If you need immediate service and we are closed, please contact them at: 913-782-9003 for after hours fueling and other line-service needs. They have keys to all of our aircraft.

During normal business hours, NCAS line service is responsible for securing aircraft after they have been fueled, for either full-service or self-service customers. Self service fuelers that arrive after hours (or when NCAS line service is not staffed) are responsible for appropriately securing the aircraft (engine and pitot static covers, aircraft tie-downs, etc…) but not responsible for fueling. We will fuel the following-day and the fuel-surcharge ($5/flight hour) will not be applied. If you arrive after-hours, please fill out the rental book after your flight and drop it in the secure dropbox, located on the top of the self-service fuel pump.


We are beginning our summer-time fueling policy to fuel all rental aircraft to “the tabs” or an estimated half-tanks level. Please note that if you are self-fueling, it is your responsibility to ensure that the aircraft is fueled to the tabs or half-tanks prior to your flight. Also, if you need any amount of fuel above half-tanks, please contact us prior to your flight for coordination.

Our new self-service procedure has been tested and in-place. Here is a step-by-step instruction list:
1. Ground aircraft using static wire reel.
2. Pull out fuel hose to furthest fuel tank to fill.
3. At the Fuel Master unit, insert SMART CARD into left card slot with chip facingright.
4. Fuel Master will ask if aircraft is grounded. (Yes/No) enter “Y” for YES.
5. Fuel master will ask (ENTER USER ID) enter “1” then press ENTER.
6. Fuel Master will ask (would you like a receipt? YES or NO) hit “Y” for YES.
7. Fuel Master will ask (pump number?) enter “2” then press ENTER.
8. Fuel Master will tell you to turn the pump on. (Flip the pump handle up – The pump handle is located just inside the fuel cabinet next to the hose reel)
9. Fuel as required.
10. Once fueling is complete, turn the pump handle off. (Please note that the pump will not shut off, and receipt will not print until pump handle has been turned off)
11. Rewind fuel hose.
12. Unhook static ground wire and rewind grounding wire.
13. Retrieve receipt from front of Fuel Master and place it in the clear envelope in the back of the aircraft flight log book with the aircraft’s SMART CARD.


We have new and improved, smaller aircraft rental books that include a maintenance status sheet, VOR accuracy check sheets, pouch for fueling cards and receipts, and much more. There are places on the flight log sheets to mark if you are full-service fueling or self-service fueling, as well as if you have logged any squawks. This should help us monitor squawks more closely and help everyone stay up-to-date with maintenance intervals.

We also have trip-kits in every aircraft now, that includes two spare quarts of oil, rags, and windshield cleaner.